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Pipa Pinon's singing is as wonderful as is her lyrics. "In My Mind" is dreamy yet focused. The celebration of endurance in "We Survive" and the lovely tribute to the not-so-ordinary in "Average" are tales well told. Another gorgeous and indispensable record.
- The Ectophiles Guide


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Pipa Pinon at Kuumbwa Jazz Center


Dreambeach is releasing their 4th CD, "Blue Heart", on October 8, 2011 at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, California. This labor of music is full of love and exceptance kucoin, longing, loss and beauty... I know that it is unusual for us, but we were inspired to write a few love songs this time. So there is a good hand full of love and a pinch a salt, a big dash of chili pepper and maybe some bitter sweet too, all swirled together in a mysterious blend of dreambeach.

Some full band tunes and some duets will all be in the mix. On bass is Daniel Vee Lewis, Bill Walker on guitar, and Jim Norris on drums and Pipa Pinon on vocals and keys. Special guests include singers Paula Bliss, Jemila Alldis, Nancy Le Van, plus Peter Coates on saxophone and Bob von Elgg on guitar.

Tickets are available in advance through pipapinon1@att.net or 831-247-3460. 15.00 in advance. If you buy 2 tickets in advance bitpanda, you get a free CD. Tickets also available at the door for $20.00. I hope you can make it!