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Daniel Vee Lewis was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 15, 1959. He grew up in Los Angeles until his last year in high school. His parents moved the family to Santa Cruz, California in 1974. He finished high school at Soquel High, where he met a friend who wanted him to play bass in his band. He sold his drum set and never turned back exness. Though he loves travel and touring, he still resides in Santa Cruz.

In the last 20 years, he has played/recorded with Special Fun, Free Wheelin', MCA recording artists World Entertainment War, Unknown Jeromes, Pipa and the Shapeshifters, Al James Band, Aligator and his Zydeco Swamp Band, Tranceport, Tao Chemical, Mic Overman and the Maniacs, Johnny Fabulous, Delta 9, Ariel Thierman, Cosmic Flash, Laura Valatis, Greg Chansky, Jivehounds, Soulbabies, and presently, Dreambeach, with cofounder & vocalist, Pipa Piñon.

World Entertainment War, was nominated for a bammy in 1991. WEW was also managed by Bill Graham Productions. Hanging out together back stage, Mr. B. G. himself once said to Daniel, "I love your bass style. You've got that animal/juju thing going on exness office in india."

Daniel also performs with Solcircle, The Joint Chiefs and The Al James Band Check them out at,


Pipa Piñon ~~ soft vignettes to deep trancy grooves ~~ Pipa, born and raised in New Mexico, grew up in a musical family. They sang together at church and at home. She also played the clarinet, piano, and guitar how to register and open a exness forex account. She began writing songs at the age of 13 with the desert mesa as her inspiration and teacher. This is when she felt a constant shifting in her consciousness, from passionate to spiritual, to soul fullfilling. Some thought she was crazy, others just thought her spirited. The winds of change carried her to Santa Cruz, California where she first performed her desert songs. Since coming to California, and living near the ocean, she has:

> written over 150 songs, and recorded several albums with several bands: Spiral, Triune, Saboo, Dreambeach, Pipa Piñon, Pipa & the Shapeshifters.

> Recorded vocals for Windham Hill artist, the late Michael Hedges, on his Road to Return Album.

> Toured Europe for six months with Daniel Vee Lewis to promote their album, 'World for the First Time'.

> Toured the Southwest and California in 1995, playing music with Daniel Vee Lewis

> written 3 one woman performance pieces with music: Bridges Between, D'Liberty Show, and The Doll Box.

> Maintained her quirky sense of humor, on stage and off.

> collaborated musically with local dance goddesses, Terese Adams, Sara Wilbourne, Tandy Beal, Rita Rivera, Cynthia Beck, and Sese.

> Collaborated with the cream of Santa Cruz artists, Daniel Lewis, Gary Regina, Jim Norris, Bob Burnett, Patricia Myers Sato, Shae Uishna, Michael Haumesser, Rhan Wilson, Janet Ring, Rob Breszney, Paula Bliss, Bill Walker, Patti Maxine, Rebecca Adams, Andy Connell, Paul Butler, Sandy England, Zahada Macopa, Cliff Henderson, Martha Corrigan, Dixie Cox, Paul Rodiguez, Erik Geis, Anthony Guess, David Hannibal, Bruce Lee, and many more.

> Given vocal instruction for the past 14 years. She teaches voice workshops, performance workshops, and gives private lessons. She recently gave a week long singing Workshop at Escalen Institute in Big Sur.

> Volunteered for her Santa Cruz community. Her work includes Suicide Prevention Services, Singing workshops for Santa Cruz mental health facilities & Santa Cruz Youth Services, & Public Radio during fund raising drives. Pipa Piñon believes in the healing quality of music. She believes that love, compassion, kindness, truth and soul is delivered through music. This is her offering to the world, to the universe, and ultimately, to God.

Pipa Piñon is an innovator. She's not afraid to take chances, to be simple, to change, to be different.

She puts her ear to the wind and listens