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"I play your CDs often....
Your music and lyrics speak such wisdom. You give the lost direction like a compass, and sight or clarity like new glasses exness."
KN, Sacramento

The latest CD. Released in summer 2004, Pipa and Daniel shine on this inspiring album that expresses the pure essence of the Dreambeach musical aesthetic. The beauty and power of their songwriting is reinstated on every piece. Outstanding performances and finely crafted production capture your senses and emotions throughout exness brokers.

Song List
1 social logic
2 in my mind >>
3 emptiness
4 water
5 we survive
6 calling lumania
7 average >>
8 humankind
9 squares and circles exness legal in india
10 a place called home

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Made in Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz Wharf,
Santa Cruz, CA

Streetlight Records: Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA
Look under "Dreambeach" in the Rock section and also in "Local Music" section D.

Logos: Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA
Look under "Dreambeach" in the Rock/Pop section.

Gateways: Soquel Ave. Santa Cruz, CA

"This is dreamy record that evokes images of calm and
undisturbed nature. Pipa Pinon and her musical partner Daniel Vee Lewis make beautiful visions together.

Sometimes they approach the same style that David
Sylvian created on Secrets of the Beehive, ambient pop with jazzy touches.

Pipa Pinon's voice weaves a spell that draws the
listener in.

A wonderful record that I highly recommend to everyone who cares about music."

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell


making friends with gravity
Dreambeach's second album. A full band recording with melody and groove dancing together under clear bright moonlit skies. Released Winter 2000

Song List & MP3 Samples
1. Phyche of Surrender
2. Fallen Star >>
3. Temporary >>
4. Cadaques
5. Life's a Mystery
6. Shapeshifter
7. Flowers >>
8. 10,000 Clouds
9. The Rope
10. Blue Window

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world for the first time
Dreambeach's first album, unfortunately out of print on CD but still available on tape. A great musical journey no matter what kind of device you play it on. "Angels Cry" was picked by a Rolling Stone Magazine's affiliate website "" as Best MP3 Song of the Week. "Angels Cry" was also selected as the soundtrack for a Jacob's Heart fundraising video aired on Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Channel. Released 1994.

Song List & MP3 Samples
1. Angels Cry >>
2. For The Moment
3. World For The First Time
4. Valley Of The Frogs
5. Above The City >>
6. All The Animals
7. How Do You Listen
8. Song For Sage
9. In America
10 My Bed Is Me